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ATD V software controlled abrasive feeder

Allows for the fluid changing of the abrasive flow during cutting without needing to stop the cutting process. Moreover, it minimizes the consumption of abrasive needed for piercing the material.

ATD V software controlled abrasive feeder

Fluid change of the abrasive flow during cutting brings:

  • lower consumption of abrasive,
  • higher cutting speed,
  • lower risk of abrasive nozzle cloggage when piercing the material,
  • higher quality of the cut,
  • longer lifespan of the abrasive nozzle
  • lower consumption of compressed air

Independent version of the doser:

Can be used for any machine. It is equipped with a manual potentiometer which serves to set up the requested quantity of abrasive. Abrasive flow for piercing can be changed in the software.

In comparison with ATD IV, the new ATD V offers many improvements:

  • higher volume of abrasive in ATD V suffices for several minutes of cutting
  • more precise dosing
  • sensor of quantity of abrasive
  • light and sound singalization
  • improved protection against water intrusion into the ATD V hopper

Thanks to its unique construction there are no parts that could be worn out during the cutting process!