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Interferometric laser system measurement

Interferometric laser system ML10ED/ML10 Gold Standard measurement from prestigious company RENISHAW

It is possible to do this measurements:

  • Accuracy of positioning,
  • quickness, acceleration, let us say machine tool moving parts vibrations, with optional sampling rate up to 5 kHz,
  • software compensation of linear defects, which can in consequence be uploaded to the control section and by this markedly pecify positioning of machines,
  • angle turning enabling analyze machine guiding area distortion,
  • rectilinearity of movement (with data converting).

Accuracy of measurement is up to 0,7 ppm. This measuring method allows to document and analyze findings by international norms ISO 230-2, ASME B 89, VDI 2617, GB-10931-89, ASME B5.54, VDI 3441 and JSI-B6330. Measuring datas can be exported into other aplications.

Hereafter our company manage calibration systém QC10 with Ballbar score software. It is very effective tool for machine movement analyzing. The method lies on dynamic circularity machine movement test . Its advantage is data gaining quickness (10 min in optimal case). By analyzing datas can software very quickly give informations about mechanics and driving system conditions.

By combination of both measuring methods, you can by informed about:

  • Machine accuracy,
  • achievement of manufactural toleration,
  • diagnosis or comparing of unit with competition,
  • accuracy unit trend,
  • supposed requierements of unit servicing,
  • new unit condition.

We offer this service for:

  • Unit users,
  • unit manufacturers,
  • service organizations.

Measuring results can be use for company certifications.