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Control system PTV 886

  • Based on industrial PC in WindowsXP Embedded environment
  • Software of the control system combines CNC operating functions with the peration functions of cutting process that were specially developed for PTV Company
  • CNC control
    • Different types of coordinate system transformation (shift, rotation, …)
    • Parabolic ramps to ensure smooth motion
    • Pre-calculation of trajectory with speed prediction in accordance with the machine’s dynamic facilities.
    • 5-axial corrections for the use of A and B rotation axis in Progres Jet and 5AX functions
  • Cutting process control
    • Presetting cutting conditions (jet nozzle, pump pressure, abrasives …)
    • Integral material database
    • Material type and thickness option on the operating system, when the system itself determines speed, or, in CAD/CAM software.
    • MFC function operates cutting speed in a way that optimises divergence between upper and lower side of the cut at the required quality.
    • DRC function eliminates errors caused by variable width of the cut slit when jet enters material.
    • Progres Jet function uses tilting of the jet for elimination of errors caused by narrowing or lagging jet. These errors are otherwise characterised by: cut edge not vertical (due to jet narrowing) and damage to product by jet reflecting, especially in inner corners (due to jet lag)
  • Guidance of the operating staff by user friendly functions for manipulation with the machine and preparations prior to cutting