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Rotation A/C cutting head

System enabling tilting of the cutting head in the range of up to +/- 90°

Rotation A/C cutting head

A/C rotation cutting head

New system of rotation cutting head

  • Rotation range +/- 720°
  • It enables the realization of shape cutouts and at the same time increases the shape accuracy of the product
  • In 3D mode, it is intended for the realization of 3D cut-outs from plate semi-finished products or from spatial objects of a suitable shape
  • The mechanism allows the A-axis to be tilted up to +/- 90°
  • In 3D mode, requires a program generated by 3D CAD-CAM (eg IGEMS program - 5-Axis CAM module)
  • The unique safety system uses tilt sensors to monitor and evaluate the position of the cutting head and the abrasive jet current inside the work area and eliminates any danger to the operator or the risk of damage to the table
  • Positive effect on the accuracy and stability of the system over time
  • Use with Cobra type tables or tables with raised Y-axes