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Smart Jet II - S

Compact table for 2D cutting with possibility of adding a cutting head for taper compensation and 3D cutting

Smart Jet II - S

Model Smart Jet II - S

    • Compact table with the possibility of many options
    • Possibility of construction as abrasive or water special
    • Steel frame construction with integrated catcher
    • Portal of AL girders completely covered by bellows
    • Linear guidelines with ball routers
    • Hardened toothed racks and stainless steel pinions
    • Precise planetary gearboxes with servomotors
    • Covering of spraypainted sheet metal
    • Components from renowned European, American and Japanese suppliers
    • Cntrol system with integrated database of cutting parameters

Maximum possible range of options:

Technical parameters

Cutting area from 2x1 m up to 2,5x10 m
Z-axis elevation 200mm
Maximum working speed 12 000mm/min
Maximum transversal speed 30 000mm/min
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,05mm/300mm
Repeatability +/- 0,05mm
Qty of Z-supports 1 - 2
Qty of cutting heads 1 - 2

Possibility of adding a special head for taper compensation and 3D cutting: