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IGEMS - top program with modular conception

  • very good CAD similar to AutoCAD
  • quality design
  • open technological database
  • now new 3D cutting module
  • wide language selection options


  • IGEMS CAD - Heart of the program which is combined with other additional modules.
  • AWJ - Basic CAM module. Together with IGEMS R10 it serves for basic work with the program.                                    Supported operations:
    • work with internal database, preparation of the semiproduct for cutting, CNC code generation.
  • 3-Axis CAM - Basic CAM module. Together with IGEMS it serves for basic work with the program.                                         Supported operations:
    • creation of shapes in basic environment of the internal CAD,
    • import of dwg and dxf files.
  • CAM-Tools - Module for analysis and optimization of imported or created shape. The module is not essential for the work, but it greatly influences the possibility of finding errors. It allows the final product to be optimized and a clear and shorter CNC code to be generated.
  • Nesting Level 1 - Very important tool for semi-automatic and automatic nesting.
  • Nesting Level 2 - Very important tool for cutting large series. It it able to nest the requested shapes on the semiproduct with a maximum effectiveness that, importantly, reduces the quantity of cutting material consumed. 
  • 5-Axis CAM - Module designed for 5-axis machines. Amplifies the possibilities of the 3-Axis CAM module with other functions.
  • Data Exchange - Enables CBF, GEO, TAG, ORD, WMF, IGS to be imported to Igems. It is useful for users that already have a database of files in some of the above mentioned formats and want to work with them. The module also enables backword of the CNC code.
  • SignMaker - For work with JPG/BMP patterns and fonts in the environment of the internal CAD. The module is especially
    suitable for the customers that work with printed patterns.
  • TileMaker - For tile nesting, inlays and mosaics.
  • Organizer - Helps to store information about realized or planned jobs, customers, etc. It is based on SQL database and
    allows quick access to information in accordance with the specified requirements.
  • Floating Licence - Enables more people to work without having to introduce the hardware key into each computer.
  • Rotation Axis - The TubeCut module lets you cut tubes with either C-axis or the tube laying flat on the table. It comes with
    the 3D previewer so you easily can visualise the results before you start cutting. And, you can cut with both 5X and
    regular 3X machines.

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