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PTV JETS - 2.2/60 without cover

PTV JETS - 2.2/60 without cover
  • Use:
    • cutting with more cutting heads
    • for abrasive jet cutting with small water orifice (size .010")
    • for thosse clients with limited financial resources
  • HP pump includes :
    • two-stage filtration unit for mechanical filtration of inlet water
    • automatic bleed down valve as a safety element which depressurizes the HP tubing when pump is stopped
    • slow pressure increrase which reduces pressure shocks and electrical starting current
    • internal diagnostic system which stops the pump when the limit values are overpassed
  • Standard equipment delivered with the HP pump
    • air cooler of hydraulic oil, placed out of the pump
    • electrical switchboard for delta/ star start, integrated in the pump
  • pump control:
    • full-valued remote control of the HP pump from the control system of the cutting table and from the cutting program
    • 10 pressure levels

Technical parameters

Intensifier, H2O Jet model 1 pc
Max. working pressure 415 MPa
Power input 22 kW
Cutting water qty 2,2l/min
Electromotor Siemens
Hydraulic pump Parker
Control PLC
No. of pressure levels 10, switchable (9 pressure levels + 0)
Max. weight 1 500 kg
Max. depth 1 200 mm
Max. width 1 600 mm
Max. height 1 200 mm
Min. pressure of water jet 3,5 bar
Max. pressure of water jet 6 bar
Cutting water pH 6-8
Hydraulic oil fill 140 l
Hydraulic oil HM 46
Cooling of hydraulic oil standard: oil/air (cellular type radiator with fan)
upon request: oil/water (plate heat exchanger)