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Recycling Abrasive Maximum Saving RAMS®V3

Recycling Abrasive Maximum Saving RAMS®V3

Compact equipment for recycling of abrasive
RAMS®V3 - ver.02_2018

RAMS® V3 unit is designed for those customers who process waste already extracted from their WJ machine catcher, but who have no disposal facility and who want to recycle the used abrasive material for its next full reuse.

The first step rests in the rough sorting, which is part of the RAMS® V3 machine and treats the extracted sludge from the WJ machine catcher. The rough sorting safely separates material(s) suitable for further processing and primary waste material that does not contain the abrasive material, but only sludge clods together with the remains of the cut materials. Like the RAMS® V1 and RAMS® V2 models and the second stage RAMS® V3, , this is an automatic device with minimal operating requirements resting in the occasional inspection of operation status and exchange of the filled big-bag for a new one. The output recyclated material is ready for the wet sorting of recyclated material from the residual waste in the second stage of RAMS® V3.

Wet sorting of the used abrasive material (ie. the second stage of RAMS® V3) is a vibrating sieve sorting device of the material obtained from the first stage. The separation of individual components occurs by washing away over the particular sieves. It includes a drain tank and, like the RAMS® V1 and RAMS® V3, this is an automatic device for continuous operation with minimal operating requirements, consisting of occasional inspection of operating status and replacement of filled big-bag. The output recycled material is ready for the final phase of drying and separation of undesirable dust particles or residual waste in RAMS® 1 or RAMS® 2 equipment.

The RAMS®1, RAMS®and SEPARATORS model RAMS®V1, model RAMS®V2, model RAMS®V3 is manufactured by PTV, spol. s r.o., at our facility in Hostivice, Czech Republic