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Pressure transportation system

Pressure transportation system

Transport device is solved with one storage tank with capacity 10 l. Connection and control of tank doesn’t allow continual transportation of material. It is always necessary to wait for material filling up. Limiting states are scanned by capacity detectors. Material is added from upper hopper through control valve. Tank is closed by means of rubber cone which fits tight in rubber seating. Rubber cone closes pressure air entering to tank through electromagnetic valve. Operating mode and its state is controlled and checked by processor unit. System uses reduced control unit CDX2002/B-R with special program. Program evaluates level of content in pressure tank by means of two capacity detectors. Program controls electromagnetic air valves for own transport of material as well. It is possible to use other detector as complementary equipment for monitoring of hopper state and output for dust-collecting fan.

Operating mode and its condition is controlled and checked by processor unit. Sensors and time delays are set and adjusted for transportation of bulk, non-conducting material with 0.2 mm size of grain. Pressure air for transportation and control of has to be sufficiently treated before bringing it to the system. Air cleaner with microfilter and pressure regulator mounted on machine serve only for final air cleaning. It is necessary to open pressure air before initiation of control and close after disconnection of control.

Technical Parameters

Volume 240 kg of abrasive
Upper hopper volume 95 liters
Lower tank volume 10 liters
Working pressure 2,5 - 5 bar
Dimensiones 800 x 800 x 1 200 mm