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Model Precise Jet

Special table for microcutting but also for standard abrasive cutting or pure water jet cutting
  • modern design
  • quick installation
  • completely covered working area
  • high precision linear measuring system (accuracy 3 µm/1,000 mm)
  • highly dynamical cutting head driven by linear servomotors
  • loading area enabling integration of the clamping mechanisms for precise clamping of the parts to be cut or machined
  • precise covering of moving parts to ensure long lifespan of the machine
  • components from renowned producers
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,01mm/1 000mm
Repeatibility +/- 0,007mm
Max working speed 30 000mm/min
Max transversal speed 90 000mm/min
Z-axis working lenght 100 mm
Qty of Z-supports 1
Qty cutting heads 1
Max portal lenght 2 000mm
Max horizontal axis lenght 1 000mm

Possibility of adding a special diamond cutting head for taper compensation: